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Mop Multi Spray Cleaner
  • Mop Multi Spray Cleaner
  • Mop Multi Spray Cleaner
  • Mop Multi Spray Cleaner
  • Mop Multi Spray Cleaner
  • Mop Multi Spray Cleaner

Mop Multi Spray Cleaner

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Country of manufacture:China
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A multi - mop with a 5 - in - 1 sprayer includes a floor sweeping brush, a scoop, a window cleaner, and a mop with a sprayer. With a multi mop you can sweep and rinse the floor, wash windows and other vertical surfaces. In this case, you do not need to use a bucket of water, a rag or a sponge. Saving space in the house A multi - mop with a 5 - in - 1 sprayer will replace a variety of cleaning tools and take up a minimum of storage space . Tissue nozzles can be washed in the typewriter The floor cleaning nozzle has a microfibre coating on one side and a tight chenille on the other. You can not only wash the floor, but also wipe away the stubborn stains. ^ Uniform distribution of the detergent Due to the built - in nebulizer, you independently determine the right amount of detergent or water. Easy cleaning of windows Fasten on a multi - mop with a 5 - in - 1 spray nozzle for washing windows and easily wash windows without difficulty, thanks a long handle and a sprayer. Spray the detergent on the window or mirror and treat it with a roller, and then brush foam or water with a glass scraper. With a broom brush with a hard pile, you quickly clean the floor of excess litter before wet cleaning. In the kit you get a shovel with the sides, in which it is convenient to sweep up the garbage. Then, by installing the squeegee head, you can easily flush the floor. Water or detergent can be added to the water container. The sprayer allows you to wet the floor without carrying a bucket, which is very convenient. Product specifications: Mop material: plastic, metal; Materials of nozzles : Microfiber, dense shenille; ^ Mop length (without a nozzle): 110 cm; ^ Size of a shovel (D/W/B): 36.5 × 26 × 5 cm; ^ ^ Brush size (D/Ш): 17.5х24 cm ; Nozzle for washing windows (D/W): 11x26 cm; ^ ^ Nozzle for washing floors (D/W): 13x41 cm; Container for water: 450 ml; Color: green + gray; Weight: 1.55 kg. Packaging: multi - mop with spray, two - way floor brush, brush, scoop, nozzle for washing windows, counter yenner for water.

Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 19.06.2020
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